About The Good Bite

The Good Bite Kitchen is a former storage hallway turned in to a small restaurant, where everything is cooked in-house from fresh and local ingredients.  GBK has a casual atmosphere with counter seating available for 8 or you can take your meal to-go and enjoy it outdoors.

The Good Bite Kitchen is owned and operated by Lake Placid native Kayte Billerman.  Kayte received her Marketing Degree from Northeastern University in 2005 and spent her post-college days working at a marketing agency before realizing her love for cooking.  Kayte then attended The School of Natural Cookery in Boulder, CO starting in July of 2010.  The culinary school offered Kayte an education that brought out her true creativity.  The school was founded on the principal of cooking without recipes, making the most of the ingredients you have on hand and bringing out their best flavor while making composed and complete meals for vegetarians and vegans.  It was truly a great experience and it continues to push her forward with new ideas everyday.  

Kayte moved back to the Adirondacks a year later and started bringing her creations to local Farmers Markets where she gained a following of customers.  During the winter of 2012 the space that The Good Bite currently occupies was generously offered to her to make her dream a reality.  After creating a business plan construction started on the space in May and the grand opening was on July 5th, 2012.

Now The Good Bite Kitchen is coming up on it's third birthday and we look forward to creating many more meals for our amazing customers!